As we come to the close of our series of sermons through the Gospel of John, we come to the purpose for which the whole book was written: That we would know that Jesus is the Christ, and that we might believe in him.


John 20

The Gospel According to John (Pillar New Testament Commentary), D.A. Carson

Expository Thoughts on the Gospel According to John, J.C. Ryle

From where do we as Christians derive joy? We get joy from looking to God, who is able to keep us and present us blameless.

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Jude 24-25


When you’re going through a difficult season, talk to God about your situation and ask Him for what you need, then trust and rejoice in His faithfulness.

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Psalm 13

Psalms 1-72 (Kidner Classic Commentaries), Derek Kidner

Because our hearts are prone to wander, it is important for us to keep building God’s house. Nehemiah 13 teaches us to build God’s house with distinction, generosity and trust.
Big Idea: Keep Building God’s House
  1. With distinction
  2. With generosity
  3. With trust

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Nehemiah 13

Ezra and Nehemiah, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries, by Derek Kidner

The mission of every Christian is simple: Worship Jesus

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Hebrews 1:1-4

Word Biblical Commentary, Hebrews 1-8, William L. Lane

John Piper Hebrews sermons

The Gospel threatens idols by transferring their power and glory to Jesus.  In Acts 19:21-41 we learn that the gospel causes an uproar by taking the power of idols, by taking the glory of idols, and by giving them to Jesus.


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Acts 19:21-41

Exalting Jesus in Acts by Tony Merida

Acts (The NIV Application Commentary) by Ajith Fernando

Just as the apostles left everything to follow Jesus, we also are called to forsake everything to follow Jesus into the mission of making disciples.


Luke 5:1-11

Luke: Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, Darrell Bock

Exalting Jesus in Luke: Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary, Thabiti Anyabwile

The Church is the household of God. A new family is made, and thus, a new discipling-making community, when God saves many from their sin and unites them in Christ.


1 Timothy 5:1-8

Word Biblical Commentary: Pastoral Epistles by William Mounce

The Message of Timothy & Titus by John Stott