Citygroups are a space where the members of our church get started loving one another, and where people who are new to our church can get a taste of our life together. We would love to connect you to a Citygroup near you!

The New Testament is filled with “one another” commands: Love one another (John 13:34-35), bear one another’s burdens (Gal 6:2), instruct one another (Rom 15:14), be kind to one another, forgive one another (Eph 4:32), welcome one another (Rom 15:7), and so on. The only way to obey these commands is with others. But there are a lot of Christians throughout the world: If you try to live out these commands with all of them, you will probably live them out with none of them. Therefore, God gave us local churches, and when someone joins a church, they say, “These are the people I’m going to start obeying these commands with.” All of our members make that commitment before God to one another, and our Citygroups then give them a way to get started doing that with one another. As a result, they are also a great way for people who are new to our church to get a taste of our life together as a church.

Common Questions

Because the church is a community, and at our church, Citygroups are one of the easiest places to get a taste of our community life together. They regularly get new visitors, and would be eager to welcome you if you visit.

Most Citygroups meet weekly to study the same book of the Bible that we’re studying on Sundays, pray with one another, and encourage one another through rich relationships. Citygroup members often enjoy life together outside of the weekly meeting as well.

Our Citygroups are organized geographically, so they tend to be made up of whatever members of our church live in that area, along with any visitors who are still getting to know our church.

Citygroups are led by members (typically one man and one woman) of Citylight Church who are assisted in their work by our Deacon of Citygroups and ultimately overseen by our elders.

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Find your Citygroup

Tuesday Evenings
Nick Davy, Steve & Allie Chaves
Children Welcome

Francisville [North]
Sunday at 5:00PM
Mike & Lorielle Anderson
Children Welcome

Francisville [South]
Wednesday Evenings
Anthony & Sydney Howcroft
Children Welcome

East Kensington
Thursday at 7:30PM
Jack & Christine Cerulli
Children Welcome

Wednesday at 7:00PM
Jehan, Peter L., & Heather T.
Children Welcome

East Poplar
Wednesday at 7:00PM
Tom & Maggie DeLucia
Children Welcome

University City
Tuesday at 7:00PM
Gareth & Jessica Weakly
Children Welcome

South Philly
Wednesday at 8:00PM
Zach & Jess Morgan
Children Welcome