Reach is a two year generosity initiative kicking off with a six week sermon series starting January 30th, 2022 and running through March 6, 2022. Join us as we imagine how the Lord may use Citylight not just in the coming years, but for decades to come.

What would it look like for Citylight to continue to be faithful to the good work God began in our church ten years ago?

Over the last ten years, the Lord has graciously used Citylight Church to advance the gospel throughout the Philadelphia region. What started as a small Bible study in Pastor Matt and Andrea’s apartment has grown into one church that gathers in three congregations with over 40 Citygroups. Together, we have baptized over 150 people, served countless neighbors in the name of Jesus, and experienced firsthand the love of God through Jesus Christ. All glory to God for our first ten years.

As we look to our next ten years, we find ourselves in an exciting and critical moment in the life of our church. Our lease at Mishkan Shalom Synagogue is concluding, and we need to find a new place to gather for God’s glory so that we can be sent to live for God’s glory all week long (Colossians 3:15-17). We need a new place where we can set our roots down deep in the gospel and grow up as an oak of righteousness – lasting, grand, and far-reaching for God’s glory (Isaiah 61:1-3). We want deep roots and lasting fruit.



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