Advent is the celebration of the arrival of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

This event changes everything.  The birth of Jesus at Christmas reveals our hope and shows God’s great love for the world.  Christmas creates in us a fresh hunger and longing for more of Jesus.  Join us this Advent season at Citylight as we seek to experience more of the truth of all that Jesus is.


Devotional Journals

This Advent season we’d like to send you a journal to help you experience more of Jesus. Each day you will find a passage of Scripture with three simple prompts to guide your thoughts as you read. These daily readings will prepare our hearts throughout the week for the passages that will be preached on Sunday mornings. Sign up below to receive your advent devotional.

Letters of Encouragement

The holidays are a wonderful time of year… for some people.

For others of us, it is often a time filled with some deep emotional challenges. Our guess is the winter blues may hit some of us  even harder this year.

For that reason, we’re sending out 25 daily letters of encouragement which cover five areas that may cause you or a loved one may be downhearted in this season.

The letters will be sent by email starting December 7th and ending on December 31st. If you want a daily email, you can sign up for all five topics or you can just pick the topic that is most relevant to you and receive an email about once per week. 


Compassion Initiative

Through our Compassion Fund, Citylight Church seeks to provide financial assistance and/or provision of goods to individuals experiencing loss of income or self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic. Assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis primarily for members/attenders of Citylight, and secondarily for those directly connected to members/attenders of Citylight. Needs we are able to help with include rent, medical bills, utility expenses (electric, gas, water, phone, internet), groceries, prescriptions, short-term housing, public transportation, and essential veterinary bills.

"Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born."